The Limit


Jimmy working with Bobby from DC's Pentagram & Sonny out of the Testors. Euro dates in February.

Gig Dates

The Limit


Sought out to replace Zeke on bass by the Stooges (audio documented on the box set You Don't Want My Name... You Want My Action) - some say the 1971 line-up was potentially their most powerful, featuring Jimmy on bass alongside the guitarists Ron Asheton and James Williamson. Contributions from those times recognized during the Stooges induction in the ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME.

Recca was also a founder member of The New Order, the Los Angeles-based "Detroit super-group" that also included at various times in it's ranks Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton, MC5 drummer Dennis "Machine Gun" Thompson, Stooges keyboardist Scott Thurston and various other Detroit veterans. Band mingled with guys like Ray Manzarek & gigged with that mid-70s L A scene, such as Randy Rhoads / Quiet Riot.

Following The New Order, Jimmy spent time in Chicago playing music & L A working at the Alley on the studio side of the fence with bands like Alice in Chains & Red Hot Chili Peppers (who cover I GOT A RIGHT, a song from the Recca catalog).

2014 rolled around, Jimmy set up shop in the Washington DC area where he gigged at Empire/Jaxx in Springfield VA and Galaxy Hut in Arlington in a band with guys like Bob Craver (DT & the Shakes) & Richard El-Day on the kit. New Order found a home on Cleopatra around this time (on both CD & LP format). As of 2020, Jimmy is up in Pennsylvania in a band THE LIMIT (a quartet including Bobby Liebling & Sonny Vincent) who hit Portugal for a few dates in February 2020.


Jimmy live May 19 2014 at Galaxy Hut

Confab of Last of the Badmen, Radio Birdman, The Dogs and The Stooges at Heather Harris's studio in 2010. Left to right: Loren Molinare, Steve Godoy, Art Godoy, Danny Creadon, Jimmy Recca, Deniz Tek

New Order

Stooges 1971 Line Up

Jimmy with Iggy Solo Guitarist Whitey

New Order 1975

Stooges Alum - Jimmy and Ron

Photo complements of Vasco T. Rodrigues Rock Photography
Jimmy on bass in Portugal with The Limit (Sonny Vincent, Bobby Liebling, Hugo Conim)


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